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Strategy Planning Jobs

If you’re an excellent communicator, are well organized and have the ability to develop plans for other companies, you will make an exceptional strategic planner. Strategic planner jobs vary widely on their salary, job responsibilities, industries, and specific duties. In general, strategic planners help different companies develop plans for long-term sustainability, growth and success as a company. The strategic planner will research and study the data of the organization, including looking for ways they can improve based on past levels of production. It is also not uncommon for a strategic planner to study market behaviors in order to give the organization plans for development within their market.

Industries and Specialties

There are a variety of industries and specialties that require strategic planners. With this type of job, you may work as an independent consultant or be part of a company’s permanent staff. Many strategic planning jobs are based on part-time or temporary contracts. Some of the more common specialties requiring the use of a strategic planner are transportation, logistics, marketing, and advertising. Different industries needing strategic planners include healthcare, manufacturing, advertising firms, and software development companies. If you decide to be an independent contractor, you should be familiar with the more common industries and specialties that may require your services, so that you can do your job quickly and efficiently for the benefit of the company who hired you.


The responsibilities and job duties of strategic planning associates varies depending n the type of business or industry you’re working for. You may work with executives who are trying to introduce new telecommunications systems as you will be more like a chance manager who is observing and reporting the various updates in their system. Another industry might have you developing a training program for new systems for the company. As a strategic planner, you may also be facilitating meetings and negotiations between professionals as a way to discuss the issues, challenges, problems, and solutions of the issue that is currently under discussion. To be a strategic planner, you should have excellent planning and organizing skills, the ability to resolve problems quickly and easily by listening to both parties, and communicating well with others.


The salary you can receive for strategy planning jobs varies widely, based on your education, experience, and the type of strategy planning job you have. It is a career path with one of the widest salary ranges possible. Entry level strategy planners may earn as little as $35,000 a year or as much as $100,000 a year. The average salary for an educated and skilled strategy planning associate is around $60,000 a year. With more experience and hands-on training, you can earn a higher, more competitive salary depending on the industry you work in.

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