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Sales Jobs

If you’re looking for a rewarding and lucrative profession, getting involved in sales may be your ticket. While many believe sales jobs to be merely telemarketing and pushing people to buy products they don’t need, it I actually a more diverse profession. If you have exceptional communication skills and feel comfortable talking about the benefits of a product, you will be a great sales professional. There are many different types of sales jobs ranging from representatives to management, each of which offers competitive salaries and bonuses as an added benefit to this type of job. You can work full time hours or part time hours, if you prefer. Many different industries hire sales professionals, so you will be able to choose an area where your interests lie for an even greater chance of success.

Sales Representative

The most common type of sales job is being a sales representative. You will be responsible for speaking to prospective customers either in person or on the phone, about the products or services your company provides. There are many different types of sales reps including those that answer incoming calls, or make outgoing calls. You may work on-site such as selling clothing items or electronics from a retail store, or work off-site as a traveling sales agent. Many industries hire sales representatives to help sell their products. You should choose a company you believe in to increase your success at this position.

Sales Manager

If you have experience working in sales and are interested in more benefits and a higher salary, then you should consider management. Sales managers are often high-profile job positions within a company, and usually saved for individuals with significant experience working in a sales environment. You will often be in charge of the distribution of your company’s products or services and oversee the operations of the sales department, including managing sales employees. Your main objective is to improve the sales efforts for continued success of your company. Your responsibilities also include hiring or firing sales representatives and providing them with sufficient training.

Insurance Sales Agent

An insurance sales agent is slightly different from a regular sales representative as you are not trying to sell products to customers. When you are an insurance sales agent, you offer advice to individuals who are looking for insurance, and possibly sell a variety of insurance types including auto, disability, life, health, and homeowner’s insurance. Insurance sales agents should be comfortable speaking with people in person and on the phone, have a pleasant demeanor, and advanced knowledge in the types of insurance they are trying to sell. Insurance sales agents may work for insurance companies answering incoming calls or calling people from a list of resources.

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