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Research Jobs

If you have a curious and inquiring mind and a constant need to find out the answer to problems, then a job in research is perfect for you. Research jobs are varied, with a wide range of industries, job types and salaries. You will also find that the education required for a research job varies as well. The minimal education most research jobs require is a four-year bachelor’s degree, while others prefer a master’s or even a doctorate degree. The research you do can lead to new medicine, advanced technology, newer products, and updated industrial processes.

Applied Research

If you’re looking to solve practical problems, then you will be interested in applied research. A wide variety of industries and companies hire employees for applied research jobs, including in social sciences, life sciences, aeronautics, education, engineering, life science, physical science, and many others. The educational and skill requirements vary greatly based on the individual job you’re going for. If you have a desire to gain the knowledge required for solving many of the science, education, and engineer issues, then research is perfect for you. You may also discover your applied research job is combined with development of new products.

Clinical Research

Clinical research associates work on different clinical trials, mostly for medical industries. Some of the individual jobs within clinical research include clinical research associate, bio-statistician, medical writer, director of regulatory affairs, and others. Because there is such a range in jobs for clinical research and trials, the salary, education, and experience also varies a lot. For clinical research jobs, educational requirements are typically between a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in the area of study for the clinical trial. The work you do as a clinical research associate can lead to breakthroughs in medicine, including new treatments and medicines.

Quantitative Research

Another type of research job is called quantitative research. This field of research and development is for using provided data for motivations, behaviors, and beliefs of individuals. The data is collected through surveys, case studies, observation, interviews, and focus groups. This type of research is used in many different industries including marketing research, healthcare, and social sciences. To work in quantitative research, you should have working knowledge of how to conduct such studies and use the data for developing motivations and behaviors of the way individuals behave and react to various things. It also requires a four-year college degree or higher education.

Literature Research

A less common type of research position is in literature research. Literature research involves building a knowledge base after examining, interpreting and summarizing a subject with your available data and research. Some of these job titles include a research associate, research assistant, research scientist, and others. The primary industries literary research is applicable is marketing and health care, among others.

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