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Jobs in media, journalism and news are constantly changing with the newest technological advances, but it isn’t going anywhere. While there are fewer journalism and news jobs in print such as newspapers and magazines, the business itself it still booming You have a variety of job to choose from if you are interested in media and journalism, with competitive salaries. Media, journalism and news jobs require staying up-to-date on current events, and if you are in news, you have to write and submit stories for publishing within 24 hours before the story expires. While many people believe journalism to be a dying industry, there are actually many opportunities in media, journalism, and news.


Journalism jobs include reporting news and writing articles for various media sources. You may be a journalism for radio and broadcast, Internet, television or print. Journalists often research stories, interview associated persons or company heads, and write the articles. Most often, journalists don’t edit their own articles, but you may work as an editor as well. Magazine and newspaper writers are responsible for writing in-depth articles on various topics. If you write for a newspaper, you should be writing an article for anything happening in the last 24 hours, while magazine articles can be about any topics. Internet journalism is similar to print journalism, except you are publishing articles on the web, such as for online publications. Broadcast and radio journalists are not as common, but radio channels and television channels do have daily news where journalists are required to report the latest news stories.


Editors are responsible for writing and editing content for different publications. The editorial team is often working as a salaried employee for media outlets, as opposed to a journalist who commonly earns for each individual story or article. Editor positions require a degree in journalism or communications, with strong writing and editing skills. The average salary according to the United States Department of Labor is $50,000 a year.


Advertising and marketing is also included in the media industry. If you want to work in advertising, you will need to be educated and adept at coming up with great ideas for advertising various products and services. Most people who work in advertising will start as interns for advertising firms or agencies, until they are hired full time. You will be responsible for creating and designing ads for a number of products or companies. The average starting salary for advertising positions is $27 an hour.


Media and news are also in need of experienced and skilled graphic designers. When you work in design for the media, you are helping advertising design logos and branding images, as well as doing the layout and design for magazines, newspapers, and online publications.

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