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Management Jobs

No matter what company you work for, there will always be a need for managers and supervisors. Management jobs require a solid educational background with courses in business management, as well as several years of experience. Many organizations will hire management from their company, as their employees know more about their industry. It is the manager’s job to supervise employees, increase revenue, keep track of overhead, and oversee the offices. Different types of management positions are available, depending on the industry and experience required.

Warehouse Operations Manager

If you want to work in a warehouse atmosphere, you can become a warehouse operations manager. This type of position require the supervision of warehouse employees and operations including production, inventory, distribution, and sales. You will also work with other managers of the company, not just in the warehouse. As a warehouse operations manager, you may also be responsible for inventory management, although your company probably has inventory clerks who handle much of this. Additional responsibilities include vendor management, customer service, and logistics.

Sales Manager

Sales managers provide management for various sales positions within the company, such as sales staff and account managers. As a sales manager, you will be in charge of the marketing teams and administrative employees, working closely with these employees. You may schedule shifts of sales employees, provide monthly budgets, help promote product, and manage the entire sales department to be sure the business is running effectively. Most sales managers start as sales staff and gradually move to a management position with sufficient work experience.

Hotel Management

A common management position in working as a manager in a hotel. Hotels of all sizes need management employees to keep the hotel running effectively. This includes customer service and being sure your guests are happy, organizing various events at your hotel, and supervising your employees, including making schedules and being sure employees are following hotel rules and regulations. A hotel manager is often the person guests and employees go to for help, along with the contact person for maintenance or security issues in the hotel.

Store Management

A very common type of manager is working as a supervisor in a store. This includes most retail stores, all of which need management. You may work in any type of retail store atmosphere, such as a clothing store, shoe store, electronics store, home goods store, or others. Your responsibilities include supervising staff, handling customer complaints, and managing the store’s operations. A retail store depends on management to keep the store running and making sure inventory is up-to-date. You will also handle the financial aspect of the retail store including budgets, handling receipts, and making bank deposits. Managers and assistant managers often start as retail store employees.

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