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Legal Jobs

Working in the legal system can be an exciting career choice for many. You have more options to choose from than being a lawyer, though this may be your first instinct when you think of legal jobs. There are many different careers in legal that you might be more suited for. And you don’t have to worry about getting an 8-year law degree either. Many legal jobs require a few short of schooling for an appropriate amount of education and training for your career working in the law and legal department of your local government.

Types of Legal Jobs

While you could very well be a lawyer, there are many other jobs within the law and legal field. You can also be a legal secretary, paralegal, judge, court reporter, or work in administration for a local law firm. There are also different types of attorneys, including those who are trial lawyers, criminal lawyers, attorneys specializing in different areas of law such as family law, civil rights, public law, white collar crimes, or who prefer to work in at their local legal aid office. These legal jobs vary in just about every aspect, including the job duties, salary, education requirements, and training required.

Education Requirements

The educational requirements you need for legal jobs depend on the type of job you want to obtain. For example, if you want to be a lawyer or a judge, you will not only need a bachelor’s degree in law, but also go to law school, pass the state bar examination, and become licensed in your state. Other legal jobs may only require a certificate of proficiency or associate’s degree, while others prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Other legal jobs require special training, such as being a court reporter.

Job Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, legal jobs are expected to grow 18% over the next 10 years. This is a steady pace for most jobs in the United States, giving you many opportunities for job placement and advancement if you choose a career in the law and legal field.


Average salaries are dependent on a lot of criteria, including the type of job, education and degree, training, location, and experience. Salaries for legal careers also have a very big difference between them. For example, the average salary for a legal secretary is $50,000 a year while the salary for a trial lawyer is over $100,000 a year. This proves just how different salaries can be in the same industry. If you are looking to earn a high wage, you should pursue a career that requires more schooling, such as being a lawyer or a judge.

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