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Inventory Jobs

Inventory jobs vary widely on the types of jobs you can get and in what industries. You may work in retail, warehouse, or other types of company environments. As an inventory specialist or manager, you will be responsible for the products you have in stock as well as ones you need to order. You manage all aspects of your organization’s inventory, including using a digital tracking system and checking product stock individually to be sure the amount of products sold co-insides with how many you have left. This is a competitive field with room for growth into being an inventory supervisor with the right education, training, and work experience.


One of the most common industries where you will work as an inventory clerk is in retail. Retail stores depend on inventory management tracking the supply they have and determining when ti is time to order more product. You will check merchandise on a daily basis and enter information into a tracking system. You may also be given an asset tracking device, which is a hand-held device that scans items in the store. You will alert store managers when certain merchandise stock is getting low as well as if you notice products that might have been stolen, by comparing it to products sold and paid for. Retail inventory management is also responsible for alerting management if certain items seem to be staying on the shelves for long periods of time.


Warehouse inventory management is another important area to work in if you want to work with inventory. This includes maintaining and keeping tracking of larger volumes of products and merchandise. If you work as inventory management in a warehouse, you will track incoming and outgoing shipments of products, keeping an exact count of merchandise with digital trackers, and occasionally physically counting products. Double-checking is often used in the warehouse to ensure accuracy and resolve any possible discrepancies.


You can also work in an industrial setting as an inventory employee that helps to keep production lines going. You will help to keep track of how much material is available to industrial workers, and inform management if materials seem to be getting low. This is an important job as production in an industrial environment may be at a standstill if they run out of product or materials and need to order more. It is your job to constantly keep track of inventory and alert someone if you’re running low.


Inventory management jobs and inventory clerk jobs are also available at various government agencies. This includes working for branches of the military to be sure materials and equipment is plentiful for missions that military workers need to go on. You may be responsible for keeping track of stock, monitoring incoming and outgoing shipments, placing orders, issuing items to the end user, and rotating stock on occasion.

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