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General Business Jobs

If you’re looking to get a college degree but aren’t sure what type of jobs have a good outlook, business is always a good bet. There is a wide range of jobs within the general business category that you can get, ranging from administration which requires an associate’s degree to financial or business management, where you will want to pursue a higher level education. General business jobs are plentiful and the wages are fair.

Education Requirements

General business jobs vary widely in what educational requirements you will need. Some might be fine with a certificate in business or an associate’s degree while others prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In general, management positions will require at least a four-year college degree. The type of college you attend is up to you. You can choose between a trade or vocational school, community college, university, or online school. Many online colleges are now offering bachelor’s and master’s level degrees in business administration and management if this is the career path you want to go.

Skills Required

The skills required for general business jobs vary widely based on the type of job you want to get. However, some of the basic skills you should have is great organizational and analytical skills, managerial skills, the ability to educate and train other employees, excellent communication skills, and customer service skills. Many jobs within general business are management positions, which means you will have to train your employees, encourage them, handle the hiring and firing, organize schedules, manage their time, and keep up with issues between employees. These are just a small amount of the skills you may need for a career in general business.

Types of Business Careers

General business jobs cover a wide variety of career specialties. These range from business administration, to development, finance, information technology, retail business, sales, project management, and more. You can also be an advertising manager, financial advisor, or administrative service manager. As with most fields, the type of job you can get will depend on the degree you pursue and how much training you have. Some careers in general business require higher level degrees like bachelor’s or master’s degrees, while others find associate’s degrees to be the right amount of education.

Job Outlook and Salary

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that general business careers are expected to grow by 12% for the next 10 years, including business administration, financial advisers, administrative services, and management. The average starting salary for general business careers is $60,000 though this varies based on the type of job, experience, education and degree background, and location. For example, financial advisors earn around $64,000 a year while administrative service managers earn $77,000 a year.

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