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Welcome to Youremployment.com

Franchise Jobs

If you want to get into business working as the boss, you can purchase a franchise. Purchasing a franchise means you are individually owning and operating a business that is already established. There are many franchise business opportunities to choose from. The one you choose will be dependent on what is available locally as well as what your interests are. The options for franchise jobs are endless, so this is really open to what you’re interested in. If you previously worked for a franchise that is now up for sale, that is a great place to start. Or perhaps a company you have always been passionate about is now offering franchise opportunities. Some franchise jobs are for brick-and-mortar establishments while others can be operated mainly from home.

Food and Drink

One of the more popular franchises to purchase and run is related to food and drink. This can be any number of things such as a sub sandwich shop, fast food restaurants, formal or casual sit-down restaurant, coffee shop or café, juice and smoothie, bar, food cart, pizza shop, or others. When looking for a food and drink franchise, you should start with something you know how to make yourself. If you previously worked in a coffee shop and understand the workings of the various equipment, you will find it easier to work in this type of franchise. Others are basic and easy to learn such as a sub sandwich shop, which tend to be plentiful across the country.

Health and Fitness

If your passion is health and fitness, this is a franchise you can get involved in. There is a wide variety of health and fitness franchise opportunities to choose from. You can choose a small or large fitness center or gym, offer fitness classes from a smaller establishment, do senior fitness as a specialty, own a tanning salon, or a nutrition center and diet center, weight loss center that combines nutrition and fitness. There are also more health-related franchises such as offering drug testing.


Another common franchise job opportunity is opening a retail store. The options for retail franchises are endless, including apparel, electronics, hardware, party supplies, home décor and accessories, telecommunications, sports equipment, fitness equipment, pharmacies, convenience stores, liquor stores, shoe stores, and many other varieties. There are specific retail stores within each category as well, such as plus-sized clothing for women or an upscale boutique.

Miscellaneous Services

You can also purchase a franchise that offers services to the public such as wedding and event planning, travel arrangements, laundry service, vending machine maintenance, dry cleaning, transportation, and more. This is great if you want to either work alone or with a small group of people, and many of these opportunities can be done from your home or a small office.

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