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Facilities Jobs

Facilities jobs include management, maintenance and repair positions working for various buildings, whether they are commercial or industrial. You can expect to be responsible for a variety of tasks, and most facilities jobs only require basic skills and experience, with little required education. If you want to get to work as soon as possible and have a stable career, facilities jobs may be well suited for you. Many trade and vocational schools also offer courses that will help you in your facilities career path. If you want to be a facilities manager, you can expect to take some schooling in business or facilities management to be sure you have the skills and training required for a supervisory role.

Types of Facilities Jobs

There are two main types of facilities jobs; maintenance and repair, and management. Though you will find a variety of job titles within these major categories. Maintenance and repair includes building superintendents, mechanics, machinery workers, general maintenance repair, and groundskeeping.With management facilities jobs, you should be familiar with all of the jobs a facilities worker will need to do on a daily basis. This includes electrical repair, carpentry, plumbing, and general maintenance needs.

Education and Training

In order to work in a facilities capacity, your education and training may differ based on the type of job you want. Many maintenance and repair jobs only require a high school diploma and some kind of training and experience, which may include an apprenticeship and on-the-job training. Other facilities job, primarily in management positions, require a two-year college degree at minimum with a degree in facilities management. This is to ensure you have the proper education and skills required for a management position.

Skills Required

The type of skills required for facilities job vary depending on if you want a maintenance and repair job or a management position. When you’re going for management jobs in facilities, you should have a good eye for detail, excellent written and verbal communication skills, organizational skills, and the ability to manage a team. You may be responsible for training staff and dealing with clients, so excellent communication and customer service skills are essential for any management position.

Salary and Job Outlook

Facilities maintenance and repair or management jobs are never going to disappear, therefore there will always be a good job outlook for this kind of profession. With so many different jobs, it is almost impossible to list one average salary for all jobs within the industry. However, on average for maintenance and repair jobs you could earn between $30,000 and $40,000 a year while management jobs tend to be closer to $50,000 a year. This depends on your education, experience, location, job title, company, and other factors.

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