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Engineering Jobs

If you have always had an intelligent mind, and find technical skills, science and math to be easy for you, then a career in engineering may be just what you need. Engineers deal with a variety of things, including developing solutions, researching, manufacturing, and designing various products and systems. A wide range of jobs are included in the engineering field, and a high level of education is often required. There are actually over 25 different fields of interest within engineering, giving you a variety of options for choosing your future career.

Types of Engineering Jobs

The engineering industry includes many different job titles within engineering, and will depend largely on your prior experience and interests. Some of the more common engineering jobs include being a mechanical engineer, hardware engineer, manufacturing engineer, software engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, industrial engineer, environmental engineer, design engineer, or field service engineer.

Education Requirements

The education and training required for engineering jobs varies somewhat, but most will require an advanced degree. You can expect the majority of engineering jobs to want a bachelor’s degree, but preferably a master’s or graduate degree. This depends widely on the type of job you want. A bachelor’s degree on average takes 4 years, but may take more or less time depending on the school you attend and how quickly you can study. If you are taking online classes for engineering and work at a fast pace, you may be able to get your degree in less than 4 years, while for others, they need longer time based on other commitments. For your master’s degree, you can expect to spend about

Skills Required

As with most industries, the skills required for an engineering job depends on the type of job you want. However for the most part, engineers are comfortable with math, science and should have excellent technical skills. Even with an entry level position, you will need to be comfortable working with very close supervision, in order to add to your training experience. You should also be good at problem solving, especially when you work in research and development.

Salary and Job Outlook

The salary and job outlook for engineering jobs varies widely based on the type of job. However, salaries for engineering careers tend to be higher for entry level positions than many other jobs because of the extensive education and training that goes into this profession. On average, a mechanical engineer earns $64,000 a year, an electrical engineer earns $70,000 a year, and industrial engineer earns $65,000 a year and the most tends to be in chemical engineering with an average of $83,000 a year. The amount of engineering jobs continue to increase, though at a slightly slower pace as the average.

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