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Education Jobs

For individuals who care about helping others succeed in life, will find many benefits to working in education. There are more education jobs aside from being teachers, though that is a definite possibility. You can also work in administration or be a school counselor, helping students to decide which college classes to take, or balancing their school work with their home life. Working in education is often the choice for anyone with a passion for educating others, whether it is a child or adult. There is a big range in salary for education jobs depending on the type of job you have, your experience, and your educational background. The average salary for a teacher is $45,000 a year while administration entry level is around $32,000 a year.

Teachers and Professors

The most common job in education is of course to be a teacher or professor. Each of these is different in their level of education and background. A teacher will be from preschool to high school as well as adult school, while professors teach specialty a college-level classes. In order to be a teacher, you will need a bachelor’s degree in education plus fulfilling your state’s teaching credentials program. For a professor job, you need to have a master’s or doctorate degree and be able to cover an advanced subject such as astronomy, zoology, engineering, or medicine. Since there is more involved, professors will earn a higher salary than teachers. And some types of teachers only need an associate degree, such as preschool teachers.


If you want to work at a school but not as a teacher, you can choose to be an administrator. Administrators are typically teachers who go on to become deans, superintendents, principals or assistant principals at their school. As an administrator, you will not work directly with teaching students, but manage the school and the staff. You will deal with student behavior issues, reward students, help to plan curriculum for the various courses, implement district education rules and be sure teachers are up to par with their teaching skills. Being an administrator is different than working in administration, where you are a secretary or clerical worker.

School Counselor or Psychologist

You can also be a school counselor or psychologist if you want to work with students but not as a teacher. School counselors will often help students with emotional issues they might have, dealing with bullies and drug awareness, or help students to figure out what classes will help them get the career they want. Psychologists at schools are similar but with more schooling and more complex assistance for students. Each of these will also to determine student’s strengths and weaknesses and give intelligence tests to get them into the right kinds of classes.

Admin and Clerical

There is also office staff working in education, which includes receptionists, office managers, finance workers, and secretaries. As an office worker, you may do general clerical work, check in new students, handle filing and data entry, answer phones, greet visitors, and a number of other duties.

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