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Design Jobs

It seems like everywhere you look these days, design jobs are popping up all over the place. Not only are there still many creative design jobs such as fashion and interior design, but a plethora of graphic design jobs as well. This is because there are more opportunities to be a designer, with more educational options, and online jobs to get. Many designers work for other companies but even more are starting their own small businesses from home, working as freelancers and sole proprietors, or even starting their own designer label. If you have a creative mind and big imagination, you can go for with a career in design.

Types of Design Jobs

Many types of design jobs exist, that play off your personal skills. Many times, people who pursue a career in design will choose one that fits their style and personal interests, as this makes a big difference in your success. Some of the possible design jobs include being a fashion designer, interior designer, graphics designer, or landscape designer. You will find these all to be world away from each other in your job responsibilities, education requirements, training, and the availability of jobs. While graphic design jobs can be easy to find, you might have more trouble with interior or fashion design.

Education and Training

Design jobs all require a different educational background and amount of training. Graphic design jobs will vary in what education they require. Of course you need to be adept at graphic design, including using different software programs, but the actual requirements depend on the type of job. If you work for another company, you may need a certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s in graphic design, while working for yourself only needs the training you feel comfortable with. Interior design and fashion design, however, most likely require a higher degree to show your level of proficiency and training.

Skills Required

The skills required to be successful in a design job will vary based on the type of job you want. Overall, you should be a creative person with the ability to think outside the box and come up with your own imaginative ideas. You want to be someone who can think of ideas without help from others and be able to start from scratch.

Salary and Job Outlook

Jobs in design are said to grow at a steady pace until 2014, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So if you’re considering a career in design, whether it is graphics design, fashion design or interior design, you can expect many job prospects when you finish with your education and training. On average, the yearly salary for design jobs is around $40,000 a year to start but this depends on the type of job, location, company you work for, and your experience.

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