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Customer Service Jobs

If you’re someone who works well with people and has excellent phone skills, then a job in customer service will be right for you. Most customer service jobs require very little education and training, though some experience and cursory knowledge is helpful. The salary varies based on your experience and background, but average salaries for customer service jobs range from $25,000 a year to $50,000 a year and more. With more experience you can make a higher wage and have a lucrative profession as a customer service representative or manager.

Technical Support

Technical support is a common customer service job offered to people who not only have exceptional phone and customer service skills, but also great technical skills. Your exact tech support duties will vary based on the type of company you are providing assistance for. For example, if you work for a computer supply company, you will need excellent computer knowledge and experience in order to provide efficient tech support and customer service to customers who have purchased a computer

Product Support

Product support is similar to technical support, except it is dealing more with purchases rather than electrical issues that are causing problems. If you are a product support representative, you may offer assistance in the best way to use a product, provide help for customers still considering what kind of product to buy, or other post-purchase questions. You may also take comments or ratings from customers who like or dislike the products they purchased. This is an entry level position that often included extensive on-the-job training

Account Set-Ups

Account set-up customer service representatives, also known as activation representatives, are customer service employees handling the set up and activation of new accounts. You will typically work with an electronics company, such as helping to activate new mobile phones or possibly setting up various utility accounts. You should be comfortable with speaking to customers, have excellent knowledge of the product your company provides, and be comfortable dealing with questions, comments, and concerns from customers who call in to activate their account.

General Customer Service

One of the most common customer service jobs is being a general customer support representative. When you are a customer support employee, you will handle many of the basic comments and assistance requested by customers. This includes ingoing and outgoing calls to customers, billing issues, troubleshooting, some basic tech support, and taking customer complaints. You may also be responsible for reporting complaints to your manager in order to improve the service or products your company provides. Expect to be responsible for a variety of tasks as a general customer service representative. If you aren’t sure what type of customer service specialty you want to go into, this is the perfect choice for you.

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