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Banking Jobs

There always seems to be a need for banking and financial employees which makes banking tops a lucrative profession. In order to get a banking job, you will need at least an associate degree but preferably a master’s or bachelor’s in finance. There are a variety of banking jobs to choose from ranging from a bank teller job to a financial consultant. The salary is therefore extremely diverse, ranging from $30,000 a year to over $100,000 a year. Your salary will vary based on education, experience, job title, and other criteria.


The majority of banking jobs will be categorized as administration banking jobs, including tellers and customer service. When you work in administration in a banking environment or financial institution, you are dealing with personal and business accounts as well as customer service. This may be as a bank teller, someone handling opening new business or personal accounts, answering phones and assisting customers who have questions or concerns, and greeting bank customers. Your job is varied and can include a combination of these job responsibilities.


To earn a higher salary in banking, you can also get involved in management. IF you are a financial manager at a bank, you will be required to have more extensive education and training, but you will also be compensated more for your work. As a bank manager or financial manager, you oversee your bank branch or a collection of branches along with assisting customers, resolving disputes with employees or customers, and working to maintain the bank branch’s standards. Bank management may also include managing loan officers and helping with loan application processing and decisions. Some financial institutions prefer hiring a lawyer or accountant to double as the bank manager.

Back Office

If you’re interested in more back office administrative work, you can also work in a bank or financial institution. This includes being a receptionist, office manager, data entry processor or secretary for the bank. You may also assist with bookkeeping, accounting, or auditing within the bank branch. This is an idea bank job for individuals interested in banking and financing but prefer not to deal directly with customers, such as bank tellers or customer service representatives.

Financial Services

Financial services is another bank job that is often available. Someone who works in financial services will work well with others and communicate well with customers. This is mostly a sales-related position as you are handling selling your bank’s services such as opening checking or savings accounts, and encouraging other services your bank offers such as online banking and consumer credit cards. As a financial services representative, you act as the internal marketing person for your bank branch, encouraging the customers of the bank to purchase more services.

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