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Admin Clerical Jobs

Administrative and clerical jobs are some of the most common jobs to get with minimal education. While many people choose to get a bachelor’s or even master’s degree in business and management that go on to work in administrative, there are also many opportunities with minimal or no education. Administrative and clerical jobs can vary between entry level receptionist positions to general clerical work, accounting, and management positions. As with any job, the more experience and educational background you have, the higher salary you will be able to make. If you are someone not interested in spending years in college, you can start off with an entry level clerical or administrative office job and make a decent wage.


One of the more common entry level clerical jobs is a receptionist position. As a receptionist, you will be responsible for answering a multi-line phone which requires you to be comfortable speaking to people who call in and directing calls. The receptionist is also the person to greet visitors, including customers or clients, doing basic clerical work like data entry and filing, and organizing mail. You may also get assigned various other administrative tasks during down time, like taking notes during business meetings or sending correspondence. A receptionist position can often be combined with a general office manager position.

Office Manager

If you’re looking to have more responsibility in the office, you can be an office manager. Qualifications and requirement for being an office manager include some previous administrative experience and education in office aspects. This may be a typing certificate, classes to learn various Microsoft Office programs, and of course the ability to multi-task. Office managers take care of everything going on in the office such as organizing for other admin staff, hiring and firing, answering phones, filing, sending correspondence, managing meetings, scheduling shifts for admin employees, and being the go-to person for executives.

Data Entry/General Clerical

Another choice for entry level administrative work is to be a data entry clerk. Often times, the job title will be for a data entry clerk but will also be responsible for general clerical work such as filing, photocopying, faxing, and answering phones. While many times office managers or receptionists do data entry and other general office tasks, many busy offices will have one or two individuals who do mostly typing and filing for the majority of their day.


Some offices will hire an administrative employee to handle the accounts of the business. This is different than an accountant in that you are managing accounts, such as assisting the accounting department with accounts payable or receivable, or doing customer service for vendors or clients. You are often an accounting or human resources assistant and may take on some clerical tasks as well.

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