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Accounting Jobs

If you’re good with numbers and feel comfortable working with taxes and financial information, an accounting career may be right for you. There are more jobs within the accounting field than you might imagine. Accounting jobs include those that work for a variety of different industries and organizations, including government organizations, small companies, and large firms. Accounting jobs also tend to be lucrative with the right education and experience; the average salary for accountants is $61,700 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the career outlook for accounting looks positive for the future.

Public Accounting

The main type of accounting is public accounting, which includes certified public accountants (CPAs). When speaking of accountants, most people are talking about public accountants. If you are a public accountant, you will work for businesses or accounting firms handling taxes, healthcare benefits, and finances. Some of the things you may do on a regular basis is reviewing financial statement, filing taxes, evaluating assets, dealing with access risk, consulting on taxes and finances, analyzing operations, financial planning, profits and performance, and managing information.

Management Accounting

If you’re in management accounting, your job and responsibilities are somewhat different than that of a public accountant. Your main job as a management accountant includes analyzing your company’s financial information, along with recording and managing their finances and assets. Responsibilities include budgeting finances, performance evaluation of the business, asset management, and cost management. You will prepare the firm’s financial reports for stockholders, creditors, tax authorities, and monitoring agencies.

Government Accounting

If you’re interested in being involved with the government regulations and taxation of various companies and individuals, you can become a government accounting. With government accounting, you are looking over the financial information, taxes, and assets of individuals as well as businesses as part of a government auditing process. Government accountants are often employed by the Internal Revenue Service as an agent.

Internal Auditing

Accountants that want to get involved with auditing, aside from what you do as a government accountant, can be an internal auditor. As an auditor, you will analyze an organization’s internal controls, as you check for cost mis-management, waste, or fraud within the company. Dishonest employees who try to con their company out of money are typically found out by the company’s internal auditor.

No matter what type of job you decide to take as an accountant, you will have a lucrative career with many job opportunities. Even in a financial crisis, there is a need for accountants as businesses begin to grow and need more accounting employees for managing their taxes, finances, and cost management. The more experience and education you have, the more you will get as an annual salary.

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