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Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse jobs are constantly in demand as many different industries need help in the warehouse including manufacturers, distributors, wholesales, importers and exporters, military, and retailers. There are a variety of jobs in the warehouse field including management, clerks, general or skilled laborers and the administrative team. You may need basic education, though many warehouse jobs will train you with little to no experience or educational background. This is a great choice if you’re looking for an entry level position as there is also room for growth, such as moving up toward a management position.

General Labor

General laborers in warehouses are warehouse clerks or associates that provide basic duties within the warehouse. This includes loading and unloading warehouse stock, cleaning and organizing the warehouse, assisting the skilled laborers or administrative staff, packaging and labeling merchandise, and possibly assembly if the warehouse includes these services. It requires the ability to lift 50-100 pounds, and feel comfortable with standing and walking for the majority of your day.

Skilled Labor

Skilled laborers are always needed in any warehouse environment. The type of responsibilities you have depends on the type of warehouse. For example, a distribution warehouse will have material handlers, forklift operators and tractor trailer drivers in order to move merchandise between locations. Skilled laborers in the warehouse should be properly trained in using this type of equipment as well as understand the proper safety rules and regulations to avoid injury. Skilled labor personnel in a warehouse may also need to have experience working with the products that the company sells in order to provide basic repairs and maintenance.

Warehouse Management

Any operational warehouse also needs a management team that may consist of one warehouse manager or several. Typically there are teams of assistant managers, a main warehouse manager, and inventory management. As warehouse management, you will be responsible for overseeing employees and the operations of the warehouse. You should be familiar with all the warehouse operations, including the financial budget, dealing with customer concerns, using various equipment in the warehouse, and helping to motivate your warehouse team.

Inventory and Administration

Lastly, you can work in inventory control or management and administration in a warehouse. Every warehouse needs administrative clerks and inventory specialists. If you work in inventory, you will keep track of stock, often with the use of barcode scanners, keep track of the stock in the warehouse, and inform a manager if anything seems to be missing or if certain merchandise is getting low and should be ordered. Administrative positions in a warehouse include answering phones, basic clerical tasks like data entry and filing, and warehouse accounting practices. You may also have other responsibilities such as dispatch, safety administration and logistics.

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