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Applying for Jobs with a Cover Letter

Although it is not always a requirement when applying for a job, using a cover letter can be an ideal way to showcase your best points to your company of choice. Cover letters are not only a way to introduce yourself to prospective employers, it is a way to reveal your experience level and overall knowledge of the position that you are applying for. By creating a focused and professional cover letter, you can create an initially strong first impression that will encourage employers to contact you for further information or even a possible interview.

The goal of the cover letter should be to provide your employer with more insight into who you are as a person, as well as an employee. It should be concise and direct, avoiding the temptation to make it too extensive in length. Generally speaking, individuals should seek to introduce themselves and then focus on detailing their professional and academic experience. Think of aspects and skills that would make you stand out when compared to other possible applicants to the position. Perhaps you have specialized in a specific or rare field during your time studying for employment within the industry; alternatively, you may have had many accomplishments that you have achieved during your time working at a previous company. Keeping these factors in mind and incorporating them into your letter can help you to make a lasting impression on your prospective employer.

While you want to reveal some aspects of who you are personally, it’s important not to make your cover letter too personal. One of the common mistakes that most people make is that they put too much unnecessary information within their cover letters. Avoid writing about where you live or your hobbies; instead, place more of an emphasis on where you attended university, your previous internships, and aspects of a similar nature. This provides your employer with more insight into who you are professionally. Your goal should be to convince your employer that you have the skills and knowledge necessary in order to handle the employment opportunity to its optimal extent.

Cover letters do not have to be particularly extensive or too detailed. In most cases, it’s recommended that you should keep your letter to the length of a page. While some employers find a page and a half to be acceptable, your general goal should be to remember that prospective employers have to read through a large volume of these letters throughout the day during the hiring process; as a result, having a concise and direct cover letter will ensure that your application will gain more consideration than those with excessive information.


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