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How to Make Money When You Retire from Teaching
Stepping out of the classroom for good doesn’t mean giving up a steady paycheque as well. Your years as a teacher have given you a very desirable skill set that can be applied to so many different areas: your ability to impart information to a wide range of learning types, patience, determination, preparation, and organizational acumen. Because of that, here are 5 ways to still bring in income once you retire from teaching.

Start Up a Tutoring Business

You don’t have to go all out and hire tutors to start a corporation, but just market your skill set to cater to students and families. Getting into college is becoming is becoming an increasingly tough journey and students want all the help they can get. There are also families willing to pay whatever it takes to ensure their child gets a premium-level education, which is where you come in. If you’re afraid of losing business to the millions of other tutors out there, don’t be: you are specially trained in education, and not all of them share your credentials.

Advise Others on Retirement

If you’ve passed the retirement line, you’re a professional and are in a god position to help others understand what the other side is like. There are a lot of fears and anxieties that accompany retirement because our careers comprise so much of our identities, and giving them up feels like giving up a part of ourselves. The downside is you’ll have to become certified for people to take you seriously (which can be a little expensive initially), but that’s offset by a huge segment of the population ready for your services.

Put Your Experiences Down on Paper

In all the years you’ve spent teaching, you’ve come across enough nuggets that could fill a book — so do it. People are endlessly fascinated with teachers and the work they do because no matter what career we work in, we’ve all had teachers in our lives. It’s a way of helping people reminisce about their own experiences while simultaneously, and the teacher-student relationship is a topic that never gets old.

Head into the Online Marketplace

Part of teaching is taking on all subjects, regardless of your interest or skill level. You’ve taught math, art, science, civics, history, language studies and more, which can be bundled into making you an excellent online retailer. If you’ve got a strong passion for making or creating crafts, hawk your wares on Etsy. If the business side of things is more appealing to you, Amazon makes a great landing pad. It’s something that still uses your skill set and allows you to work from home, and requires very little in the way of start-up costs.

Care for Others

Depending on the age you taught, this can involve any number of demographics post-retirement: babysitting for small children, helping out at a senior’s center, or giving your time to adults with disabilities. One of the biggest reasons teachers get into the education profession is because they love teaching, and working with others after you’ve cleaned the blackboard for the last time is an excellent way of continuing this. You may have to get extra certifications to prove you can handle the new workload, but as a teacher, you’re used to getting regular accreditation.

There’s no shortage of opportunities you can undertake once you’ve retired from teaching, and it only takes a bit of creative thinking to know where to go next. These five money-making options are both current and hot in today’s economy, and can help you transition easily from your teaching career.


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