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How to Fortify Your Job Against The Technological Singularity
The technological singularity is the concept of artificial intelligence catching up to human intelligence, and then taking over. Or, in other words, when the work we do as humans will be theoretically rendered obsolete. Of course, opinions are divided over this, with one side believing it’s only a matter of when and the other not quite convinced AI can ever truly replicate the nuances of humanity. But just in case the technological singularity is true (which, according to Ray Kurzweil, should be around 2045), here’s how to protect your job from it.

Work in the Healthcare Field

At first glance, this seems like the surest route towards being one of the first to lose your job to AI. Robots are already “assisting” in surgeries, doctors place patients’ charts online instead of on paper, and machines automatically dispense IV medication. And considering how fast medical advancements are made, healthcare should be one of the first fields drastically affected by technological singularity.

One of the aspects of healthcare that seems the least likely to be changed by technological singularity is that of caring, of compassion. No matter how well they can ascertain a patient’s condition by scanning them, there’ll also be the need for the healing power of human touch.

Job Options: Massage therapist, personal support worker, in-home nurse or physician, music therapist, physiotherapist.

Become a Standup Comedian

Granted, not everyone’s been gifted the ability to make others laugh, but humor is such a specific skill to have. Technology may be able to create its own jokes, but will a robot be able to read the newspaper, warp the headlines into a joke, and then involve the audience? How will a robot respond to hecklers? And will it be able to measure the temperature of the audience’s enjoyment level and either shorten or lengthen a joke, or roll them off one by one?

Develop Financial Acumen

The old saying about the only two sure things in life being death and taxes is especially true here. No matter how much technology advances, it won’t be a match for the human-to-human interaction of deciding how the money’s spent. Say a computer recommends a person buy 1,000 shares of Stock X because it has a history of performing well over the long-term. Human instinct can still override the computer and make suggestions that turn out better.

Pick Up a Camera

Fields like marketing, advertising and photography have been popular since they were invented, and even with dips in the market, have held on. Every enterprise that’s been successful is because people have heard of it, not because it was cocooned away in a hole. Someone needs to be able to read the industry closely and send out information at the right time. And the camera part? We as humans record ourselves, and only the good images last. If you can be ready for those moments, too, then you’ll be highly valued.

Start Your Own Business

Tied in with all these points is just avoiding technological singularity altogether and starting your own business. But make sure to do your own research first. For example, setting up a trading company in rural Montana wouldn’t be nearly as effective as opening it in London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, or any of the world’s other big cities.

Another tip to keep in mind is to stay ahead of educating trends, as the degrees as we know them today will be replaced by something else tomorrow. There’ll always be learning to do, but it’ll just be in a different form. Learning also doesn’t always have to be in the form of structured education, but rather in the natural process of learning because if you’re not learning, you’re not moving forward.

On top of all the ways to proof your job against technological singularity, it’s important to just experience life. You can always get enough money, power and education, but enough cool, exciting experiences are in short demand. Trying out something new is almost never a detriment because even if it doesn’t work out, you can still apply those lessons to the future.


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