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The Rise and Fall of Employment and Unemployment

It’s no secret to most people that the dire state of the economy has been causing many issues for those who have been seeking employment. As the economy struggles to steady itself and return to the condition that it once was, there are many people who are riding the waves of the rise and fall of unemployment and employment within the industry. The issue is that there are so many changes and variations throughout the country, it’s nearly impossible to gauge whether the situation with the workforce is improving or bottoming out. Some states are experiencing a decent rise in employment rates while other states are reporting that unemployment only seems to be rising instead.

For those who are seeking consistent work, it can be very frustrating to hear of the news. There is nothing more disheartening than hearing that there are growing numbers of people finding work in other states across the country while your own state seems to be having record lows for employment rates. Some states have shown some improvement and have recovered from their previously high unemployment rates, which always leaves hope for states that are still struggling to bring jobs back to the workforce. However, it’s not a situation where someone can easily predict when there will be numerous new openings for jobs across the region.

Even soldiers who have recently returned home to the country have realized that there is a serious unemployment problem. Many of them cannot even find jobs, despite their great educations and previous work experience. People are consistently losing jobs and although there are many who seek to replace their job after they have lost work, the real issue is stemming from the fact that there are simply no jobs available in many locations anymore. States where there is a heavy tourism or hospitality rate try to make up for this by creating more opportunities for construction, hoping this encourages the economy and creates more jobs for those who have been waiting for work, but the work is only temporary.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of people who attend work from jobs found via temp agencies, but that is just the problem; everything is only temporary. It can be challenging to find work that’s above minimum wage and even more challenging to find a job that will last more than a few months in this economy. As a result, there are many people who are wondering whether there will ever be a final rise or fall to the unemployment rate within the country.


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