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Students Having Employment Issues

For students that are attending school and living in Chico, being able to have a reliable job and pay for all of their bills and other expenses is very important. Although there are many places that are experiencing a drop in employment and causing it to be very difficult for students to be able to find jobs, this is less of a concern over in the area of Chico. In fact, there are employment opportunities to be found on and off campus over at Butte College and Chico State University. Depending on what interests students have, there are many jobs that can provide a lot of potential. These can include businesses, restaurants, retail, and many other types of jobs. Most of these are part-time or temporary jobs, however, they fit in well with the class schedules of the students who are working there. The local employers to the area are very grateful to the opportunity of being able to employ students at their locations. This is because students generally do not mind working strange hours or having a spontaneous work schedule; in most cases, students are just happy enough to have work within this type of economy. Students are able to bring a lot of new ideas to their jobs and also have more enthusiasm. They are passionate about the work that they are doing because they want to ensure that they are able to keep this job within the future. For temporary jobs, this is even more important, because having a great attitude at work can help to convince employers that some students should be kept for permanent work instead of being let go when the seasonal duties finish. Another great aspect about these work opportunities is that many of the businesses in the area are willing to pay beyond minimum wage.

Chico State University goes out of its way to ensure that students have the opportunity to work. They have a student employment office which has a system set up to help students find information about potential jobs which they may be well-suited for. Students can go to the office to learn about job opportunities that are available on and off campus and may even find out more information about some of the upcoming job fairs in the area. There is also a bulletin board where they can find job postings. The student employment office is open throughout the year, so students can have access to job information even when school is not in session, which is very helpful for those times when they would like to have a steady job in order to work on creating a savings for their upcoming semesters of classes.


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