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7 Ways to Improve Your Resume

If you are currently looking for a job, it is the perfect time to update your resume. Updating your resume should be done on a regular basis, even if you are not currently on the lookout for new positions. Aside from updating it with your newest skills or experience, you should also follow these tips for improving it and attracting recruiters.

Consider Not Including the Objective

The objective statement is often what is included right underneath your name, phone number, address and email address. While in the past it was required and appears on most resume templates, it isn’t necessarily something that has to be added. Consider the type of job you are applying for and what experience you have, and you may not need an extensive objective on your resume.

Show Accomplishments, not Responsibilities

A very common mistake made on resumes is listing your duties or responsibilities. Instead of phrasing it in that way, show a list of things you accomplished while at that position. Telling the recruiter what your responsibilities were doesn’t help them, because they don’t know you achieved them.

Reduce Clutter

Take a look at your resume and see if there areas you can improve by reducing what is shown. For example, remove unnecessary dates that don’t need to be there, extracurricular activities, older positions not relevant to the one you’re applying for, and the comment “References Available Upon Request.”

Remove Fibs

Many resumes have honest little fibs that you were generally working on at the time. If you were enrolled in a college program or intended to get a professional certificate but never did, then remove it from your resume. You don’t want to lose a job because of a lie. If it says you have a degree but are enrolled and working toward it, say that.

Remove Redundancies

Don’t try to fill up space on your resume with information the recruiter or hiring manager is already aware of. If you’re applying for an accounting position and list your duties in a previous accounting position, you’re repeating information they are already aware of. Instead, list interesting tidbits or accomplishments from that accounting job.

Forgo Older Experience

If you have had a dozen jobs in the last 20 years, there is no need to list them all on your resume. Choose the most recent positions that are relevant to the job. Stop emphasizing older jobs, just because they are more related to the job of which you are applying. The hiring manager wants to know what you have been doing more recently.

Format Correctly

Make it easier for recruiters to read the information on your resume by formatting it carefully. Make it reader friendly by breaking it up into sections with bolded subheadings and including bullet points or numbered lists. They will be viewing each resume for 10 seconds or less, so make a good impression with it.


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