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Finding a Job After Being Fired

If you have recently been fired or laid off from your job, it may seem impossible that you will get another one. While it does make it a little more difficult, depending on the circumstances of your termination, it isn’t necessarily going to keep you from getting another job. You want to impress the hiring manager with how you answer their questions and veer away from how you left your last job, rather than it being the main focus.

Don’t Burn Bridges

Before you even leave your job after receiving news you have been fired, be very careful not to burn bridges. They are still going to be on your resume and be a reference when the hiring manager or recruiter verifies your previous employment. Make sure when you leave, you thank your boss for the opportunity and say nothing more about it.

Update Your Resume

Start updating your resume right away. You will need to update your most recent position with the ending date of that job. Gaps in employment don’t look great, so the sooner you get this done and start looking for a new job, the better off you will be. Remember every time you apply for a new job by sending your resume, it is tailored to that description somehow. So if you were an office manager previously and are applying for a data entry job, you mention your typing skills and speed.

Reach Out to Professional Network

If you have been networking, you should have some professional resources you can turn to for help. If you can get a reference to an upcoming available position, it works really well in your favor. Many companies prefer hiring someone they got referred to, rather than posting the job on a job board and hoping for the best. This works great for you because it gets your foot in the door much more easily.

Be Honest

When asked why you left your last job, don’t lie. They will most likely run a background check and call your previous supervisor, so this is going to look really bad for you and guarantee you don’t get the job. Instead of lying, answer the question in an honest, yet brief way, and highlight the skills you learned at the company, rather than how you left.

Act Mature During the Interview

You may be feeling a little bitter and resentful after being fired, especially if it came out of nowhere and wasn’t due to something like budget cuts or an honest layoff. Be very careful what you say to the interviewer about your previous supervisor. Never talk negatively about your boss, even if they fired you unjustly or treated you unfairly. Talk about the positives from your experience, such as being given the opportunity to revamp your work skills.

Impress With Your Experience

Instead of focusing on why you left your job and the fact that you got fired, focus more on your work experience and the skills you have learned. This will help impress the hiring manager and they won’t care as much.


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