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How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions

Interviewing for a new job you really want is nerve-wracking enough, without having to answer the most difficult questions. Many of these questions are phrased in a way to really find out how you feel about your job, your previous employer and get a little more information about how you have handled challenges in your professional career. The following five questions are commonly asked during interviews and tend to be harder to answer. Here are some tips for how to answer them properly.

Why did you leave your previous position?

This is going to be one of the questions asked during your interview, even though you have listed the reason on your resume and your job application. No matter how you left or the reason for doing so, be honest but brief. IF you quit your job, simply saying it wasn’t a good fit for you is reason enough to leave a job. Don’t bash your supervisor or the company.

Tell me a little more about yourself

A common mistake is talking about yourself in a way that is overly personal. The interviewer is not asking about how long you have been married and where you live. They want to know about your professional goals and achievements. Mention where you went to college and what your future goals are for your career, tying them in to the position you are interviewing for.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The strengths part of this question is easy and gives you the perfect opportunity to share the great accomplishment you have had. But the weaknesses is a little trickier. For this question, don’t say you don’t have any. It’s not true and the hiring manager knows that. Instead, think of skills you were not able to hone in on at previous jobs, and mention that you are interested in expanding those skills.

Why are you the right candidate for this job?

This question may also be phrased in another way, such as what can you offer them that other candidates can’t. Think of things you bring to the table that are unique and beneficial to the company. Perhaps you are applying for a customer service position and have great communication skills, and that makes you superior for the position.

Tell me about your least favorite boss

This is mostly a trick question that hiring managers use to find out more about your relationships with your supervisors. Never, under any circumstances, talk badly about your previous employers, the company, the HR department or any employees. Mention that you liked all of your bosses, but one or more of them did not offer you the opportunity to learn certain things, or that you didn’t find certain management styles appealing to you.

While these interview questions can be hard to answer, there are ways to impress the hiring manager or recruiter with your responses. Keep these answers and tips in mind and make sure you know how to answer them.


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