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How to Email a Cover Letter

If you are applying for a job online, the job posting might ask for a cover letter. Even if it didn’t request one, it is still a good idea to explain a little bit about your experience in the body of the email, instead of just attaching your resume. This gives the recruiter a reason to consider you and read your resume. Otherwise, they might not even bother. Here are some tips for emailing a cover letter.

Follow the Employer’s Instructions

First and foremost, always follow the employer’s instructions. They will provide you with instructions on where to send it, what to put in the subject line and what format they want it in. If they asked you to put it in the body of the email, do so. If they want it as a Word attachment, do that. You should also read what they want included in the cover letter, such as your salary expectations and how soon you can start work.

Be Professional

It is tempting to be overly casual through email, but try to remain professional. This is the very first form of communication you will have, so it should be in a professional tone. Always format the cover letter like a real letter, with a proper introduction, using the hiring manager’s name if you know it, and signing it with your name.

Proofread Your Work

Never send an email or cover letter for a potential job without proofreading it first. Make sure you have caught all spelling and grammatical errors, have proper sentence structure and it all makes sense. It helps to read through your email again, preferably out loud. This is when many errors are caught, even if you are not experienced with editing text.

Keep it in the Body of the Email

If the job description did not specify how they wanted to receive the cover letter, always put it in the body of the email. This makes it easier for the hiring manager to sort through their emails and discover if they should open your resume attachment or not. If they wanted it in the body of the email but forgot to mention it, they won’t even open your cover letter attachment.

The Subject Line

In the subject line of the email, put the name of the job that you are applying for. Use the same title they used in their job listing. This is of course unless the listing requested you use a certain subject line. Many hiring managers are going through hundreds of applicants, so they like to sort their emails based on the subject line.

Include a Signature

Always include your signature at the bottom of the over letter email. This should be your full name and other information, such as your professional title or phone number.

With these tips, you will be able to catch the attention of the hiring manager looking through emails and stand out from many who did not send it in the right way.


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