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5 November Employment Statistics That You Should Know

The numbers are good overall this month. Employment in the US continues to grow as the economy and additional jobs open up for the holiday season. Here is what you should know:


The number of jobs added in the US in October. This was a brief dip from the predicted 230,000 jobs, but it was still enough to dent unemployment which went from 5.9% in October to 5.8%. This is the lowest unemployment has been since the recession, and it is helping that job growth is consistent. The past nine months have seen employers adding at least 200,000 jobs a month. 95% of the 8.2 million people employed since October 2010 are still working full-time, which has helped the economy stay stable as unemployment inches back down.


The amount the average holiday shopper plans to spend shopping this season. The American public seems less hesitant to spend this winter, possibly because gas prices are low, stock is up, and unemployment continues to decrease. As such, retailers are expecting large profits in November and December, coming to about $617 billion. Since this can make up 25-40% of a store’s overall visitation and profits for the year, some stores are still looking to hire seasonal help to take care of their influx of customers. Stores like Target and Best Buy will continue to hire part-timers through December, as they have had especially high third quarter sales. These jobs may even turn into full-time employment - you can apply here for Target, and here for Best Buy.


Number of Air Force jobs which are currently not offered to women. However, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James has told reporters that she intends to turn this around within the next 18 months. James is looking to lower the number of women who leave the Air Force mid-career by creating a new gender-neutral hiring standard for the positions, which include combat rescue officer and enlisted combat controller. The Air Force currently has the more job opportunities open to women than the other services, especially the Army where upper-level jobs are more often closed to females than not.


A ratio representing the pay gap between the average US worker and the average CEO. Now, for every dollar the average worker makes a CEO makes an about $354; however back in 1965 a CEO would only make $20 to the working man’s dollar. This means America has the biggest pay gap in the developed world: Switzerland comes into the ballpark with CEO’s making $148 to the average worker’s dollar, while in the UK the ratio is 1:84, and in Poland it is 1:28. Most Americans who were surveyed aren’t upset because they have no idea the severe discrepancy exists. When asked how they believe the average worker and CEO compare, most Americans thought it was 1:30, but that it would be fairer to lower it to 1:7.

1.2 million

The number of people in the state of California alone who are working “part-time involuntarily.” This means that they have tried and cannot find a full-time job, which makes them less likely to receive benefits and more likely to live in poverty. Although California has the highest percentage of involuntary part-time workers, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington are also worse than the national average. While employers in America are still creating jobs every month, not enough full-time jobs are out there for the taking. This would not be surprising if we were still in a recession, but for an economy that is trying to get on the mend it is disturbing.


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