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5 Places To Get New Job Skills That Don't Involve a Classroom
One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is constantly become educated about the world. Not only does this keep our minds fresh, but it also keeps up competitive in the workforce. And with the recession’s effects still lingering, making a battered economy tough to get a job in, learning new job skills is an absolutely vital undertaking. But when the question of where to learn these new job skills comes up, the most common answers are “the classroom” and “on the job”. However, we’re here to tell you that’s not always the case, with these 5 places awesome at providing those new job skills that’ll get you ahead.

1. Martial Arts Studio

Before you think that this place will only teach you new job skills that’ll serve you in the martial arts, let us explain. Just about every form of martial arts — when taught properly — teaches you how to diffuse a problem (or fight) before it even starts. Sure, you’ll learn how to throw punches and do roundhouse kicks, but that’s not the point.

The point is to calmly and assertively de-escalate situations instead of combatively going at it, and this is a hugely-valued skill in the workforce. Management is always looking for employees who can be team players, who know how to calmly approach problems and look for solutions instead of fighting them every step of the way.

2. Music Academy

Again, you may be wondering what strumming a guitar has to do with putting on a suit and tie, but the answer is: everything. Music trains your brain to be analytical and creative, quick-thinking and slower-processing, expressive and concise.

It’s also like picking up a new language entirely, as you’ll have to learn how to read notes, coordinate both hands at once and read entire passages as a whole while looking at the notes within the bar. Plus, putting in practice time shows employers you’ve got discipline and perseverance, two highly important skills in the workforce.

3. Cooking and Baking Lessons

”So you can cook,” you imagine a prospective employer saying. “Big deal — I cook for myself all the time.” And while it’s true — Americans cook and bake all the time — the new job skills you’re using will make you a better employee.

You see, cooking and baking requires you to follow instructions precisely, but also knowing when and how to modify the process if needed. You also need to have the wherewithal to read all the directions first before starting the project, otherwise you could end up with a cold even and a ready-to-cook/bake dish. Employers love having employees who can follow instructions accordingly, as it lets them focus on their own jobs without having to babysit you.

4. Your Own Website

If you’re looking to become a freelancer of any kind, having your own website is a must. And while the standard web-building sites offer free templates, you’ll want to stay far, far away from those, as they scream “novice!” to anyone who visits.

Building your own site will take a bit of work, as CSS can seem really confusing at the beginning. But as you use it more and more, and become comfortable with its parameters, you’ll find it to actually be very logical. And what does it tell employers? Your new job skills include a thorough understanding of technology and coding, and the fact that you were enough of a self-starter to do it yourself.

5. First Aid and CPR Instruction

Is there any better way to tell your future employer you’re a responsible person who can keep cool under stress than to be certified in First Aid and CPR?

Learning these skills is super easy and fast, too, and you can easily complete it in a weekend. It may not be what guarantees you a job, but it’s an instant way to tell employers that you can be trusted on the job no matter what happens.


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