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The Importance of Your Cover Letter

Having a well written cover letter is just as important as having a well written resume. It is your opportunity to be able to personalize your resume a little more and sell your skills to your potential employer. As a result, you want to ensure that you are covering all of the bases when you are writing your cover letter. Your cover letter should have a heading and greeting, opening and introduction, body, and an assertive closing. Try to avoid using templates too much because it can make your cover letter sound more generic.

When you are writing your cover letter, it’s a good idea to target your letter to the audience and the industry. You want to write something that is suitable for the position that you are applying to. This is why you don’t want to use a template, because you want to make these cover letters for your resume as personalized as possible. You should sound positive about your current employment situation and your professional future. Your goal here should be to emphasize all of your skills to your potential employer; you really want to sell yourself to them and get them interested in what you can offer.

It’s a good idea to express your career goals. You should sound very focused and make it clear that you know what you want professionally. However, you shouldn’t use unproven or empty claims about your skills. Although there are some who suggest that you should polish your cover letter and resume to make it sound the most enticing to potential employers, you don’t want to run the risk of telling lies about your capabilities or making it seem as if you don’t truly have the repertoire of knowledge that you claim.

Your cover letter should use fairly short but descriptive sentences. You should keep the letter to the length of one page; anything longer will be risky and will probably not be completely read by the employer that you are trying to contact. Since potential employers have to read through thousands of applications, resumes, and cover letters to help them make their selection, they want to read something fairly concise. You should proofread your letter to ensure that there are no mistakes. At the end, you should also thank the prospective employer for taking the time to read your letter. Sign it with blue ink at the end to reflect that this is an original letter and that you didn’t make copies to send out to multiple prospective options.

Following these tips can help you to create a high quality cover letter that will be ideal for sending along with your resume to your prospective employer. Keep your originality and focus on the best qualities and skills that you can offer within the main body of your letter. This will remind your employer of many of the assets that you can offer to their company or their team.


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