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Professional Thank You Notes

Saying thank you is an effective job search strategy. A thank you note is another opportunity for you to sell your qualifications and leave a positive impression on the reader. References, employers, and employer contacts should receive a thank you note whenever they have helped you. You should always send them a thank you note after each job interview so that they know you have appreciated the time that they have spent in consideration of your inquiries or needs. You should also send a thank you note after an informational interview, when someone takes time out of his or her schedule for you, or whenever someone gives you information or a referral.

You don’t always need to mail a thank you note. You can also offer your thanks to these individuals by phone or in person. The best approach depends on the recipient’s preference in contact and your own personal style. It also determines if it’s a good idea to send an informal note or a formal letter. When you have mastered these elements, it will be easy for you to use this form of etiquette in your business endeavors and whenever if you have contacted someone for help, which was aptly received.

When you are writing your thank you note, there are a few elements that you should include. You should always have a statement of appreciation for the opportunity that the individual has granted to you. If you are still interested in the job, then you should express this element. You may want to add a brief restatement of your qualifications or skills, though many times, your resume and cover letter will already be on file, so you don’t want to seem repetitive. Consider adding any additional information that you may have forgotten to mention. Add a final thank you for their consideration in the matter and then a date and time that you will follow up, based on a previous agreement.

You should write a thank you note around 24 hours after the interview, even if your interview didn’t go so well. However, if you are the one holding the interview, you may wait up to a week to get in contact with your thank you note. You should be brief, but include the information mentioned above. Always address the note to the interviewer by name and title. Additionally, always send a separate and varied thank you note to each person that you have interviewed with or a single thank you note to someone with key amounts of distribution. You don’t want your thank you notes to seem as if they are cliché or based on a template; make them personal and respectful to those that you have addressed them to.

Acknowledging these points, you should not have any difficulty in creating a good thank you note for your professional endeavors. As long as you are respectful to those who have helped you out, they will be certain to see that you are a grateful and humble individual and they will be more willing to continue contact with you in the future.


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