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Government and Federal Jobs

If you want stable employment and a variety of jobs to choose from, why not consider a government or federal job? The job outlook for positions in government continue to be stable in the coming years, with an average growth rate as most other occupations. The application process, educational requirements and training needed for jobs in government or federal jobs is the same as working for private companies. The education and skills required vary based on the job you choose. So whether you want to work as a teacher, engineer, police officer, or scientist, you can find a lucrative career working for the government.

Types of Jobs

You will find that there is a long list of government and federal jobs to choose from, depending on your interests, skill sets and experience. Some of the federal jobs available are in engineering, agriculture, forestry, communications, business, computer science, education, environmental science, international relations, legal, law enforcement, medical and public health, and many more.

Education and Training

Government and federal jobs will be looking for a variety of education, degrees, and training experience. The education required depends on the type of job you want. There is such a wide variety of government and federal jobs that it really depends on your job title. For example, healthcare careers like physicians and scientists will require special schooling and at least a bachelor’s degree but preferably a higher degree, while others such as administration, will hire individuals with an associate’s degree or certificate of proficiency. Some also require special schooling, like in education where you need a bachelor’s plus your teaching credentials.

Skills Required

The skills required for a government or federal jobs are specific to the job you’re hoping to get. For example, if you want an engineering job for the government, you should be comfortable with science and math, while administration jobs in government or federal departments require basic computer knowledge, excellent multi-tasking and organization skills, and good verbal and written communication skills. Typically, the skill set you already have will dictate the type of government or federal job you aim for.

Salary and Job Outlook

The salary for government and federal jobs varies widely, especially given how many different jobs there are when you decide to work for the government. Salaries can start at $25,000 for administration jobs, $45,000 for jobs in education, and over $100,000 for top engineers. Salaries can be anywhere in between, depending on your location, job title, experience and education, and other details. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, government and federal jobs are expected to grow at a steady pace over the next 10 years.

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