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Biotech Jobs

Jobs in biotechnology include a variety of positions for individuals who are interested in being involved with science, which includes research and development. Biotech jobs include a range of titles within this broad field, with just as much diversity in salary, responsibilities, and education requirements. If you’re someone who wants to work in a manufacturing firm, pharmaceutical company, research institution or university, a biotech job will be perfectly suited for you.

Type of Biotech Jobs

There are endless biotech jobs to name that fit into five main categories; research and development, quality and regulations, manufacturing and services, sales and technical support, and administrative and management. In each category are dozens of jobs you can be involved in, ranging from being an engineer and working in research and development, or being the manager of a manufacturing firm. With a great job outlook, biotechnology jobs aren’t going away any time soon and you have dozens of job titles to choose from. As an added benefit, some educational degrees will offer you the ability to choose between different jobs with the same qualifications.

Education and Training

The education and training you will need for your biotech job depends largely on the type of job you want. Some jobs in biotech only need an associate or bachelor’s degree such as sales or administration, while engineering, quality assurance, and facilities jobs may require a higher level of education. You can receive your education and training from any number of schools, including trade schools, community college, universities, and even some online schools. Some job titles may even hire you with just a high school diploma and on-the-job experience and training, such as in sales or manufacturing.

Skills Required

There is a wide range of skills required for biotech jobs, which vary based on the type of job you’re looking to get. For the most part, you should be comfortable in a variety of areas of science and biotechnology, including computer and network systems, have excellent verbal and written skills, and be comfortable in science and math.

Salary and Job Outlook

The salaries for biotech jobs also vary based on the type of job. You can get a biotech job for an average salary of $50,000 a year while others make over $100,000 a year. On average, a biomedical engineer makes $79,000 a year, a biotechnology research associate makes $42,000 a year, and a senior research scientist will make between $85,000 and $100,000 a year. As you can see, the biotech field offers a lucrative profession and competitive wages. The more schooling you’re willing to put in, the higher salary you’re capable of earning. With more experience, you can begin earning even higher wages.

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